The Santa Twizy video – behind the scenes.

It began with one of those crazy middle of the night ideas – could we video 6 Santas driving 6 Twizys dressed up as reindeers?

It might have never happened but for Ann – sometime Akela and sometime Brecon Cottages staff member – who immediately volunteered to make antlers and assemble Santa costumes.

signSo, the idea takes shape and the big day dawns – gloriously cold (-4) and frosty as Twizys and drivers from across the National Park assemble at Brecon Holiday Cottages HQ near Talybont-on-Usk.

Fixing antlers

The dark brown painted on the antlers (aka branches) certainly adds to their realism but unfortunately fails to dry in the minus 4 degree temperature so they are all a bit (well actually very) sticky. But it’s nothing a wet cloth can’t handle.

The good news is that the first reindeer conversion (Tomos) reveals that Twizys come with ready antler attachment points suggesting commendable foresight on the part of Renault. Meanwhile Tess-the-dog (left of shot) is remarkably eager to help with any stick work…..

Fixing red nose

Next, Alison sees if attaching a small red balloon to the Twizy charge point flap makes it look anything like a reindeer with a red nose? Well maybe… best if the balloon is less than fully inflated.

Santa leaving TwizySo, we’re busy heads down converting Twizys into reindeer (and munching hot mince pies) when Steve turns up from The Angel Hotel having driven Talia 15 miles along the A40 in full Santa regalia. Tess-the-dog is suspicious.

Renault engineer

And then just to add to the increasingly surrealist feel to the day, “the-man-from-Renault” appears to do a brake fluid check on 3 of the Twizys. I doubt he’s worked on a Twizy with antlers before but he takes it calmly in his stride. (We think he might have made the effort to come dressed as Santa though…)

reindeer charging

Meanwhile, having made the long trip from Llansantffraed Court Hotel, Tipyn is hungrily taking on watts at the same time as having her antlers fixed. They are proving problematic until experienced Santa Steve lends a hand.


Finally, the last reindeer is the baby one carrying most of the parcels but will it hook up to tow behind Thierry? Yep, just fine. Twizy adaptability wins again.

sorting santa suits

Now, with all the Twizys duly “reindeered”, it’s time to sort out the Santas – first which costumes fit which people?

Santa 2

And how convincing do they look?

Tipyn & SantaHm. Steve still wins the prize but Mike is now getting a real feel for the part so he and Tipyn get allocated to lead the convoy.

And so finally with cameras in position, we are off….

running dog

With Tess and Willoughby dogs in hot pursuit


Fortunately, the lane is completely empty or there might have been some surprised fellow travellers…


And then with the filming over comes the dismantling – here’s Tracy slowly re-emerging in her more familiar guise as a Twizy and Anna as the face of Drovers Holidays.

So, we then bundle in two up in the least depleted of the Twizys to head off to the Talybont café for a welcome hot lunch ..

cafe lunch

Santa Steve waving

And so with a final wave, the day is over – back home to Abergavenny, Hay, Llowes and Pencelli.

Thanks to Ian (IAF Design and Westview Guesthouse) for his invisible (and frozen-fingered) role as camera man.

You can hire a Twizy from 6 different locations across the Brecon Beacons National Park.


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