Toro Twizy’s tracks on Knoydart

Toro off exploring Knoydart

Toro off exploring Knoydart

We have just received the first download from the tracker on board Toro our modified rural Twizy who is spending a few months with the folks on the remote Knoydart peninsula following on from his earlier trial on the Isle of Eigg. Knoydart has slightly more road than Eigg – 7 miles end to end this time and Toro’s tracks reflect that although they also suggest that he quite often gets used simply to run backwards and forwards in the small village of Inverie.

Knoydart Trax1The 39 ‘trips’ recorded look like this. Toro has done a total of 157 miles so far averaging 4 miles per trip. His longest trip was nearly 15 miles which nearly ran him off the peninsula(!) and on that trip he reached a top speed of 42mph! Good going Toro! On most trips though,  his maximum speed was between 20 and 35mph. Knoydart (like Eigg) is off-grid and the main community at Inverie is powered by renewable electricity – a hydro electric system in their case. Water-powered Toro has so far consumed 23.5kWh saving around 20L diesel for those journeys.

Knoydart dogAnd, we hear, the Knoydart residents, together with their children and their dogs are all enjoying using him. Our thanks again to the Knoydart Foundation Rangers for managing the Twizy Knoydart Trial.


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