Boswell-the-Boma climbs Pen-y-Fan!

Boswell the Boma 7 on Pen-y-fan summit

Boswell the Boma 7 on Pen-y-fan summit

A team of two from Plas Pencelli Outdoor Centre took Boswell, our Boma 7 All Terrain wheelchair, up to the summit of Pen-y-Fan on Friday. It was misty (as the photo shows) so sadly no views. This was a trial ascent to see how do-able it is.

The team found that Boswell could manage the entire route fine and took 55 minutes to get to the summit. The entire trip was ~7 miles and Boswell managed it happily on 1 charge. As anticipated, the

Drainage channels across path

Drainage channels across path

30 odd drainage ditches across the path proved challenging with Boswell’s smaller front wheels dropping down into them and having to climb out again every time one was crossed. Boswell coped OK but the sheer number of them made it wearing and fairly uncomfortable for the rider. We are exploring whether plastic ramps (of the sort used for cars getting out of snow) might help bridge the drainage channels and make the ride more comfortable.

Anyway, it was an exciting achievement and evidence of the Boma 7’s impressive capability in rough and challenging terrain.

In the right weather, it is possible that ascents of Pen-y-Fan in Boswell could be made by special arrangement by someone with restricted mobility hiring the Boma 7 accompanied by a qualified local guide. Contact us if you would like to discuss possibilities.


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