First 54 days of Bert-the-Battery

It’s now been 54 days since our 6 kWh Wattstor battery was installed enabling us to make much more use of the solar which our 4kW PV panels generate.

The resident data hound has just been at work and here are some headline figures (obviously we are currently at the optimal time of year):-

Solar generation: 760 kWh (14 kWh/day)

Our demand: 392 kWh (7.2 kWh/day) – this includes one thirsty Twizy!

Imported from the Grid: 30 kWh (0.5 kWh/day)

Exported to the Grid: 335 kWh (6.2 kWh/day)

Battery charge 225 kWh (4.1 kWh/day)

Battery discharge 180 kWh (3.3 kWh/day)






About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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