Side-by-side Twizy seating experiment

The majority of our Eco Travel Network members use their Twizys most days to get around our rural area. This means transporting family members and everyday stuff. You certainly can fit things in the rear seat of a Twizy… dogs, cats, flowers, small people and mail bags…


But, it’s always a squeeze when it comes to Twizzling with 2 full-sized adults – especially when you have stuff to carry as well as a passenger or you have hired one of our Twizys for a pleasurable day out – especially as it’s a much less pleasant ride in the rear seat of a Twizy. In our household, turns in the rear seat are closely monitored and carefully shared.


We noticed years ago that the Twizy actually has the same footprint as a Smart fortwo so could, in principle, be modified to be wide enough for two sitting side by side. Irritatingly, Renault even published a photoshopped of a side by side seated Twizy once on April Fool’s Day – certainly fooling us.

Apart from being more comfortable for the passenger and better for conversation, the huge advantage would be that it would free up space behind the seats for carrying luggage – those pesky shopping bags, flowers, dogs and cats….

Renault has kindly helped us acquire a bare Twizy chassis and we are now going to use the last of our Green Transport Prize award to see if our friends at Redcastle classic cars can take a shot at creating the first, genuine, side by side seater Twizy (‘Fatboy’) for us to trial. We know it’s not going to be straightforward because of the Twizy driver control configuration and the fact that it will require a wider windscreen. But we feel the experiment is worth trying.

So, here is the skeleton of ‘Fatboy’ ready to truck down to Redcastle Classics in Caerphilly.



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2 Responses to Side-by-side Twizy seating experiment

  1. Chris Brooks says:

    Don’t go for a standard side by side but go for a side by side ‘rear’ seat with the driver in the middle. So not quite 3 across. At least it helps with the Twizy central controls and saves any changes to the wheel base. The Rear passengers art then sat over (in front of ) the rear wheers and almost along side the driver.

  2. Alison Kidd says:

    We aren’t planning to change the wheel-base, but to put two seats side by side perhaps with the passenger one slightly further back. We think we can fit this in by placing the seats a bit further back but outboard of the existing chassis as you suggest. The aim is to create a wide platform at the back for cargo, which has been the main bugbear alongside the tandem seating arrangement.

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