How can we make rugged minimalism cool?

7052Good to see other micro electric cars for local journeys in development but, sadly, they are always city focused and not suitable at all for our rougher rural roads. Most disappointingly, they are always also way more expensive than Twizys. This Siemens-backed entrant (see above) is predicted to cost £17,500 – that’s 2.5 times the price of a Twizy and it would last 5 minutes with that clearance on our rural lanes.

Why is no-one excited by minimalistic design?? – how much fancy “car-ness” do you need if you are nipping down the road for a pint of milk or 5 miles through town to reach your office? As the Twizy (or for that matter buggies)  show minimalism can be funky and cool. Over the years, stars at Hay Festival have certainly jumped at the chance to drive and be seen in our various eco-funky vehicles.


Jason Bradbury in our b-bug

John Barrowman

John Barrowman in Thierry Twizy


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