About Eco Travel Network

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Tomos at Maes y Berran, LlanthonyThe Eco Travel Network (ETN) operates a fleet of 12 Twizys and 1 electric Kangoo van in the Brecon Beacons National Park,  West Coast of Scotland and Cornwall.

Launched in July 2012, this not-for-profit company enables visitors and residents to move around with far less energy but far more fun.

The 4 Directors (all volunteers) possess a mix of expertise in: electric vehicles, tourism, behavioural psychology and business. The ETN is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Green Valleys CIC.

A grant from the Brecon Beacons Sustainable Development Fund part subsidised the first 5 ETN vehicles. The remaining money comes from the member businesses who pay for, host and hire out the Twizys under a common self-drive hire insurance policy.

The aims of the ETN are:-

1. To enable visitors and residents of rural areas like the Brecon Beacons National Park to travel around in ultra-lightweight, low-energy vehicles which are fun to drive and use so little electricity that they can be powered by local solar and hydro schemes.

2. To promote low carbon, cheap alternatives to the car for short rural journeys.

3. To grow an electric vehicle rental and charging network across the National Park based on existing tourist businesses.

4. To attract more visitors to the National Park as an eco-tourism destination.

In May 2013, the ETN won the inaugural Green Transport Prize in Scotland. It is using some of the prize money to explore more rugged designs of Twizy-like vehicles which are better suited to rougher rural environments including Scottish islands. The ETN won a Low Carbon Champions Award for Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year  in September 2014.

A guide to how the ETN works can be found here.

And this short video shows the ETN in action around the Brecon Beacons:-.



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