About the Scottish Prize Project

ETN win Green Transport Prize in Edinburgh

ETN win Green Transport Prize in Edinburgh

In May 2013, The Eco Transport Network won the inaugural Green Transport Prize run by Edinburgh College in partnership with St Andrews University, Edinburgh Napier University, and SEStran (South East Scotland Transport Partnership).

The Eco Travel Network (ETN) aims to use the £50k Green Transport Prize to develop and strengthen the concept and application of ultra lightweight, low energy, fun electric vehicles for short rural journeys where public transport is sparse.

We plan to do this in 3 main ways:-
1.  By investing in the design and test of 1 or more Twizy-like vehicles which have better luggage carrying and more rugged looks and design, i.e. better suited to rural usage.
2. By exploring the feasibility of such vehicles in remote areas of Scotland powered by locally-generated, renewable electricity.
3.  By using our experience to inform other rural organisations, businesses and communities how they might evolve their own local, lightweight networks of electric vehicles and charging.

For more information about this project, contact us via this blog.


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