Butch – Ruggedising the Twizy for rural life

Butch Design Project - a ruggedised Twizy for rural living

Butch Design Project – a ruggedised Twizy for rural living

We have commissioned a prototype design of a ruggedised Twizy “Butch” – better suited to some aspects of rural life. The design will focus on (i) slightly bigger wheels and better ground clearance (to cope with rough tracks leading to some local campsites and holiday cottages) and (ii) better luggage carrying capacity at the rear of the vehicle. We hope as a side-effect that Butch will also look more like a rural, rather than a city, car.


For example, this is the 1/2 mile track

Road too rough for a Twizy

Road too rough for a Twizy

leading to “Cosy Under Canvas” – a local glamping site who are interested in joining our network of rental Twizys.  Their track is fine for cars but a bit too bumpy for the low slung Twizy. With the passenger getting out to walk, it was manageable for a one-off trip but not something one would want the current Twizy doing on a regular basis.

We encountered many similar tracks on our research trip in September to the Isle of Eigg.

Twizy luggage rack

Twizy luggage rack

The lack of luggage carrying space is a major drawback with the current Twizy – especially for  visitors wishing to arrive by train or local users wishing to do the shopping or local businesses who use the Twizys for small deliveries. We have experimented with a roof rack but hope now to explore some sort of removable “bum bag” maybe along the lines of the carrier shown here.

The prototype “Butch” redesign is being done by a specialist classic car restoration company, Redcastle Classics Ltd in Caerphilly. We hope to review their first design suggestions early 2014.

See the result of the Butch project here (May 2014 update)

Rural Twizy on bumpy track to house




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